“Kevin Funk and Steven Fake have written a devastating critique of the ‘humanitarian’ response of the United States to the Darfur crisis, while offering a genuine humane alternative that would lessen the ordeal, if not bring it to an end. Well-researched, easy to read, and utterly convincing, a crucial book for anyone concerned about achieving a morally and politically acceptable U.S. foreign policy.”
Richard Falk, Milbank Professor of Law Emeritus, Princeton University, and since 2002, Visiting Distinguished Professor, Global Studies, UCSB

“Sudan has been a nightmare for many. It still is. The outside world is responsible as well. This book shows why. The authors avoid easy answers, and provide a quality analysis with compelling arguments to revise Western policies.”
Jan Pronk, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of Mission for the United Nations Mission in Sudan, 2004-06

“At a time when everyone from George Clooney to George Bush is an instant expert on Darfur, Kevin Funk and Steven Fake have given us what we so urgently need: a clear, sober assessment of the conflict and how it fits into the foreign policy of the United States. With neither fear nor favour, they take us back stage, show us our blind spots, and come up with some troubling conclusions. Explosive, masterful, and impeccably fair. Consider it the thinking person’s guide to Darfur.”
John Ghazvinian, author of Untapped: The Scramble for Africa’s Oil

“A commanding exposé of the duplicitous and damaging role played by US leaders and others in a dark drama. Well-written, well focused, deeply informed—an excellent corrective for the many who cannot tell the difference between humanitarian assistance and imperial aggrandizement.”
Michael Parenti, author of ‘Contrary Notions’ and ‘Against Empire’

“Elegantly written, erudite without being academic, and with a forceful yet sensible political argument, Scramble for Africa is a must read for anyone concerned with making sense of one of the most haunting crises of our time.”
Stephen Eric Bronner, Rutgers University

“Scramble for Africa: Darfur Intervention and the USA is the book we’ve all been waiting for. Clearly written, and scholarly without losing its skeptical edge, this new work takes on the U.S. Government and the Save Darfur coalition alike, offering a fresh analysis of Darfur in its larger geopolitical context. Scramble for Africa belongs on every Darfur activist’s bookshelf.”
David Morse, Darfur activist and journalist

“So much of what has been written on Darfur is either expression of humanitarian concern without awareness of the imperial context, or denunciation of Western perfidy without appreciation of the horrible human tragedy that has been unfolding. In this extremely well-documented study, Steve Fake and Kevin Funk combine deep compassion with a keen critical analysis to show how we might best support the suffering people of Darfur. This is a book for all those interested in working for a more just world.”
Stephen R. Shalom, Professor of Political Science at William Paterson University in New Jersey and author of, among other works, Imperial Alibis: Rationalizing US Intervention After the Cold War

“This extremely well-researched analysis reveals the real goals of US foreign policy in one of the greatest horrors of our generation. The authors have produced an essential book for analysts and activists everywhere, together with a call to action which no-one should ignore.”
Mark Curtis, author, Web of Deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World

“One of the few works to tackle honestly the vexing question of what is to be done about Darfur. Cheerleaders for intervention and humanitarians who persist in rosy fantasies about the U.S. role in the world have had no trouble advocating “solutions,” but for others on the left the question has been much more difficult. Not content, like so many, to simply wash their hands of the question, the authors have constructed a deeply informed and carefully reasoned argument that addresses seriously the possibilities for constructive humanitarian interventions in an imperfect world vitiated by great power interests and political posturing. For the cruise-missile left and the hard-core anti-interventionist left alike, Darfur is not about Darfur but about their own self-image; Fake and Funk rightly bring the focus back to what is best for the people on the ground.”
Rahul Mahajan, activist and author of Full Spectrum Dominance: U.S. Power in Iraq and Beyond

“At last there is a book on Darfur that places the conflict in the context of the new ‘scramble for Africa,’ the contest between the old imperialism of England and its successors, the US and China. Fake and Funk’s analysis unmasks the propagandistic deploying of powerful language alleging ‘genocide’ and the ‘world’s worst humanitarian crisis’ in Sudan for its political advantages to the US and its neglect of the suffering of Darfur’s victims. When analyzing the politics of the ‘Save Darfur Coalition’ the journalists-authors work with a scalpel in a refreshing and penetrating analysis of why the Darfur conflict became the ‘cause célèbre,’ when it should have been the war in Iraq. Activists and astute observers of the contemporary global political scene will find this scrupulously researched volume a must read, virtually unique among available works on the subject.”
Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, Professor of Anthropology, Rhode Island College, veteran Sudan researcher

“For those, like myself, who have long felt both revulsion and confusion by the humanitarian crisis in Darfur and wished to know more, this is the perfect handbook. …an objective, dispassionate, meticulously researched account of the conflict… The authors of Scramble for Africa… startle us with their documentation of the little known but equally sordid role our own government has played in Sudan for the past thirty years - suggesting that our present official “humanitarian concerns” are merely crocodile tears masking another agenda.”
Timothy Kendall, Ph. D., Senior Research Scholar, Dept. of African-American Studies, Northeastern University and Director of Archaeological Mission, Jebel Barkal (Karima), Sudan, Sudan Dept. of Antiquities and Museums (NCAM), Khartoum, Sudan

“The Scramble for Africa stands against the muck of neo-liberal ideology, taking us through the Darfur conflict, putting it into history and allowing us to think of a non-imperialist way to bring peace to a tormented region. Save Darfur, surely; but as much from Washington as Khartoum, as much from fantasies of humanitarian intervention as the brutalities of IMFundamentalism and Islamism.”
Vijay Prashad, author, The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World

“The Darfur conflict has proven to be intractable, at terrible cost to the people of that region. There is a crying need for on-going international activism based on a thorough analysis of Sudan and the role of the US, China and other states. The Scramble for Africa by Kevin Funk and Steven Fake is a well-researched, important and progressive contribution in this regard. It should be widely read, from the White House to the grassroots.”
Laurie Nathan, research fellow at the London School of Economics and member of the African Union mediation team for Darfur in 2005/6

“Kevin Funk and Steven Fake provide a forensic and astute examination of the Bush administration’s politically cynical and opportunist exploitation of the people of Darfur’s terrible plight, using them as pawns to regain access to Sudan’s oil riches and to promote the self-serving imperialist concept of ‘humanitarian intervention’. Funk and Fake reveal the hypocrisy of Washington, which can in the same breath declare the Sudan regime’s slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Darfuris ‘genocide’ while — out the general public’s earshot — praise and collaborate the very same butchers as allies in its ‘war on terror’. The mainstream ‘Save Darfur’ movement’s leadership also comes in for a similar investigation for its willingness to allow the interests of the people of Darfur to play second fiddle to Washington’s foreign policy double standards.
However, unlike most of the US left, Funk and Fake do not try to prettify the reactionary Sudanese regime and its crimes by placing a plus sign against it where US imperialism places a minus sign. They do not engage in much of the US left’s knee-jerk denial of the humanitarian and political crisis that is underway in Darfur, nor refuse to accept that it needs to be addressed. They offer the principled anti-imperialist left with a ‘manifesto for Darfur activism’ with which to campaign for the people of Darfur and challenge the pro-imperialist direction of mainstream ‘Save Darfur’ leadership and expose US imperialism’s hypocrisy. Had the US left adopted such an approach before now, the right-wing dominance of this movement may have been broken, the genuine activists in the US would have been won to a leftwing perspective and much of the left itself would not — on this issue — now be seen as callous apologists of a tyrannical regime. Thankfully, there is still time.”
–Norm Dixon, Sudan writer, Green Left Weekly; editor, Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

“This excellent book presents the basic information on the political and military aspects of the conflict, examines the options from a clear and transparent ethical position, and presents ways forward with a concern for broad international implications and concern for the hundreds of thousands of victims. It is is exactly what is needed and I hope it is very widely read. I will recommend it to everyone.”
Justin Podur, writer and activist

“The existing ‘Save Darfur’ movement has tended to perpetuate the notion that a well-intentioned United States government has ‘not done enough’ to save the suffering people of Darfur, and should be pressured to intervene more actively. This well-documented book should help dispel such illusions, by providing enlightening background information about the history of U.S. policy in Sudan which, as in most such cases, has tended to make bad matters worse. The authors suggest that progressive activists should try to influence the movement to adopt more practical and constructive strategies, which do not rely on getting Great Powers to use the situation to pursue their own ends.”
Diana Johnstone, author of, Fools’ Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Delusions

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