All pictures were taken by the authors in February 2009. Click on any picture for a full-sized version. Contact us for permission if you are interested in republishing any of the images or using them in any other way.



North Khartoum; former site of the al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant, destroyed on August 20, 1998 by a U.S. cruise missile strike.   

  Still-standing parts of the al-Shifa building frame. Medicine box in foreground.  Surviving section of the massive al-Shifa complex.  Medicine box baking in the sun.  Medicine bottle cap amongst the rubble.  Sack of medicine bottles (1).  Piles of medicine bottles, still laying in the rubble.  Street view of the front of al-Shifa.  Looking through the former plant's still-standing doorways.  Al-Shifa medicine bottle.  Fields of rubble behind al-Shifa's remains.  Medicine box and building columns.

Al-Shifa and its industrial North Khartoum surroundings.  Still-standing walls, and exposed brick and wires.  Mountains of rubble and broken bricks.  Rolls of labels for Shifaquine, an anti-malarial drug.  Spindles of medicine labels amongst the rubble.  Sack of medicine bottles (2).  Piles of rubble; remaining parts of building in background.

    See also some of our al-Shifa photos, reprinted by Africa Action.



Scenes from the Sudanese capital and surrounding areas, including its sister city, Ombdurman. 

Friendship Hall, Khartoum's mammoth Chinese-built conference center.  Khartoum's building boom, from across the Blue Nile.  Farming on Tuti Island, across the Blue Nile from Khartoum.  China National Petroleum Corporation headquarters (and the CNPC-run "Sudan Hotel").  Omar al-Bashir propaganda sign.  "Metal tray" gifted to the Washington-allied former Sudanese dictator Gaafar Nimeiri by a visiting US Congressional delegation. On display at the Republican Palace Museum.  Picture of the corpse of Ali Dinar, Sultan of Darfur who led a 1915 rebellion against the British. On display at the Republican Palace Museum.  Camel market in Ombdurman (1).  Camel market in Ombdurman (2).  Camel market in Ombdurman (3). Misspelled "Opama" restaurant sign in Khartoum, near the US embassy.  Traffic circle and fountain in Khartoum.  Downtown Khartoum side street.  Historic Ombdurman defense fort along the Nile. Burj al-Fateh in background.  Locals at karate practice.    Cattle grazing in Ombdurman.  Village huts in Ombdurman's outskirts.

Five-star, Libyan-built Burj al-Fateh hotel (colloquially known as "Gaddafi's egg".)  Tomb of Sudanese messianic colonial leader al Mahdi in Ombdurman.   Sufi "Whirling Dervishes" ceremony in Ombdurman.  St. Matthew's Catholic Cathedral, central Khartoum.  Sudan National Museum, Khartoum.  Khartoum street signs and statue.  Busy Khartoum market.



Nubian pyramids and ruins from Meroë, capital of the ancient Kingdom of Kush.

Meroë pyramids behind barbed wire.  Meroë pyramids (2).  Meroë pyramids (3).  Artistic shot (with a partially closed lens) of a rocky, desert hillside.
Meroë pyramids (4).  Kush stone carvings and town ruins. 



Landscapes from north of Khartoum.

Intensely green, irrigated fields surrounded by desert.  Dust storm on the northern route out of Khartoum.  Grazing camels.
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