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Humor: Instant experts at a loss on Nigeria

Nigeria and Niger are different countries?

U.S.-allied regime in Sanaa bans Arab legislators' meeting on Darfur

AFP reports: "Yemen on Wednesday slapped a last-minute ban on a meeting of Arab parliamentarians to discuss the crisis in Sudan's war-torn Darfur region, the head of one group due to attend said."

The article gives further details:

Joint AU-UN force in Darfur still lacking crucial equipment, Ban says

The title above is borrowed from a just-released UN dispatch reporting that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon "warns that the mission continues to lack crucial equipment required to enhance the capability of both its military and police units." It quotes Ban: "continuing shortfalls in terms of the self-sustainment of military and formed police units remain a challenge to the operational capability of the mission." As the dispatch notes, "Helicopters and military vehicles such as armou

Negotiations with JEM are officially torpedoed

"Sudan's largest rebel group says it will suspend peace talks with the Sudanese government because of alleged violence in the west of the country."

The US Militarization of Africa

From the BBC:

A major joint military exercise with countries around the volatile Sahara desert region is beginning as part of a US programme of counter-terrorism.

The three-week Operation Flintlock aims to improve the ability of the region's armed forces to work together to bring security to the area.

It serves as a base for the group al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and has seen increased terror attacks.

Rwanda crackdown: US ally denies visa to Human Rights Watch researcher

The central African state has also been named one of the world's worst "predators of freedom" by Reporters Without Borders. On the HRW case, the Christian Science Monitor reports:

Labor Protests Test Egypt’s Government

A solid report from the New York Times, though tellingly it includes no mention of the role of years of astronomical U.S. aid in propping up Mubarak's rule:

Mutinous troops attack south Sudan army

From the BBC:

Sudan sanctions?

"In fact the policy of economic and commercial isolation serves the ideological interest of being seen to punish a rogue regime in preference to the material interest of achieving democracy and peace." (Abd al-Wahab Abdalla)

Chadian army clashes with rebels

From Reuters:

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