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As massive human suffering continues to engulf the Darfur region of Sudan, the crisis has garnered a rhetorical circus of saber-rattling and hand wringing from Western politicians, media, and activists. Yet such bluster has not halted the violence.

In a careful yet scathing indictment of this constellation of holier-than-thou government leaders, corporate media outlets, and spoon-fed NGOs, Steven Fake and Kevin Funk reveal the myriad ways in which the West has failed Darfur. From neglecting to provide sufficient humanitarian aid to millions of displaced Darfurians, to refusing to adequately support peacekeepers deployed in the region, the West has amply demonstrated its unwillingness to bridge the chasm between rhetoric and reality.

Eschewing liberal fantasies of Western benevolence, Fake and Funk unmask the hard reality behind “humanitarian intervention” advocacy, as well as the true nature of US-Sudanese relations. What emerges is a methodical and disturbing portrait of Washington’s ongoing ties with some of the worst elements of the Khartoum regime. The authors delve deeply into the immensely harmful and little-known role that Washington has played in the country by decisively backing a series of repressive governments in Khartoum. Brutal enough in their own right, these machinations also set the stage for escalating conflict in Sudan, culminating in the present catastrophe.

While its criticism of Western activism is unflinching, Scramble for Africa nonetheless offers the hope that an international response can play a role in alleviating the crisis. Not content to merely wash their hands of the question of how to fight for a more just future for Darfur, Fake and Funk carefully assess the merits of deploying an international peacekeeping force, and propose carefully reasoned avenues for activism.

By exposing the West’s shedding of crocodile tears over Darfur, Fake and Funk offer an opportunity to take a fresh, uncorrupted perspective on the crisis. Just such a vantage point is necessary if the West is to offer any true aid to the people of Darfur.

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